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About Miz Kp

I am Kpana Kpoto (Miz Kp), the creator of Sailing Autistic Seas. The soul of this blog is my seven-year old son, whose internet name is “Angel.”  He is on the autism spectrum and he has ADHD.

My passion is learning everything that I can about autism and sharing what I know with others. I created this Web site because I believe that it will give me an opportunity to share my experiences with other parents of children with disabilities. I believe that parents learn best when we can share what we know and ask each other questions. My hope is to keep you informed and enlightened. It means a lot to me to be able share our journey

Some days you may need a life jacket to sail with us and other days it will be smooth sailing. At all times, it will be about Angel’s journey.


Kpana (Miz Kp)

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