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That Moment When Your Child Gets It #autism

It was a morning just like any other and Angel’s mom took him down to our building lobby to wait for the school bus. Angel loves to take a toy with him to play with during his bus ride. This time he chose his favorite orange ball. The bus was running late, so Angel and his mom started playing catch. Within a


Happy Easter to our Autism Family!

Greetings to all! I just want to drop a quick note and say Happy Spring and Happy Easter to everyone in our autism community. Please take the time to share in the joy of this special day and share what activities you plan to have with your family members with autism today. I know a


Happy World Autism Awareness Day!

Today marks a day in our lives when we recognize our loved ones who have autism and we share what this day means to us. However, not everyone knows that today is an actual holiday. I mentioned this to four people this morning and they all said, “I didn’t know!” It felt good sharing this with


Birthdays and Parenting

Today happens to be my birthday and just when you thought it would just be an ordinary day in March, the following happened: Little Angel walks into our bedroom to wake me up and present me with a birthday card that he made in school. It was colorful. It was huge. Most importantly, he wrote his name on the


That’s Not My Problem

Every day when I interact with or observe someone, I always wonder if that person has a disability or not. I don’t know why but I understand how. Each time a thought comes to mind, I wonder how my son will be able to co-exist in mainstream life. Having a child on the autism spectrum


Heartbreak, Grief, and Fatherhood

This is my first post of the year but also the first post since the latest tragedy in our lives. For those who do not know how I feel, let me just say that sometimes words are not enough to describe my grief. Last month, my wife, Miz Kp and I lost our unborn son.