The Wave that Melted my Heart


Angel began riding the school bus when he was only two-years old. He has always loved every minute of it.  He started riding the bus when we transitioned him from home-based Early Intervention (EI) to a center-based EI program. Now he is on his way to Kindergarten. Getting Angel on and off the school bus

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The Social Media Support System


This past Wednesday, Angel’s dad shared his thoughts on the importance of having a support system. Today, I want to expand on that and explore how social media Web sites can provide support and be a valuable resource for special-needs families. Parents are logging onto social media Web sites in droves to reach out to

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Do you have a SUPPORT SYSTEM?


 (This guest post is written by Angel”s Dad. Your thoughts are welcome. Thank you. MizKp) Anyone can say I am available when you need me or I am only a phone call away or I can take care of those things for you. Honestly, does that really mean that someone is there for you?  Many

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Special Activities for a Special Child


Angel is an only child, so we make an extra effort to expose him to activities that allow him to socialize and interact with his peers. I admit that it took me a while to learn and accept that activities meant for typically-developing children were not a right fit for Angel. I am all for

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Sun, Sand, and Play Skills


When we arrived at Rockaway Beach in Queens last Saturday, Angel immediately dove into the sand. This was his first beach experience and we had all been looking forward to it. I think he loved the way the sand felt against his skin. (I am visualizing a sandbox and a huge backyard in our future.)

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Picky Eater? Not Really! Particular? Yep!


“When he is hungry, he will eat.” This was the advice that a dear friend gave me because I was always so anxious about Angel’s eating habits. However, it wasn’t until he turned four that I finally understood what she meant. As a newborn, Angel was very particular about breastfeeding. I remember the anxiety I

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He’s Too Big For That Stroller

7 11 post pic B

Angel was a quiet baby. Looking back he was too quiet. This changed as he got older. His daycare progress reports use to refer to him as “Happy and Active.”  Now he has a 1:1 paraprofessional to help him focus at school. Sometimes he has to wear a weighted vest for therapy sessions. Medication has

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