Paying it Forward with Little Remedies

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What do you do when you receive a set of Little Remedies New Parents’ Survival Kits and your kid is no longer a baby? You pay it forward and give them away. The products included in each kit do not contain artificial flavors or colors, unnecessary additives, aspirin, ibuprofen, saccharin, or alcohol. This made me feel better

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Why Minority Voices Matter in the Autism Community


  “What can the white special needs community do to help the brown special needs community?” I was asked this question at the BlogHer ’14 Special Needs Mini Con session this past weekend in San Jose, CA. I had to pause when I heard it. I wasn’t ready. I explained in my response that in the brown

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I Lost Angel Today and by God’s Grace I Found Him

wandering and autism

Angel was very impatient as we stood on the line for the kiddie coaster. We were at an amusement park for the afternoon after spending the morning doing some great water activities. The morning event was held by a local organization that provides fun events for families of children with special needs. After a short wait, it

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