How We Get Our Son with Autism to Eat…sometimes

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Have you ever tried to get your child with autism to eat or drink something? It could be a new food or you could’ve even mixed medicine into his or her food. Anything to get them to eat or to take it. No matter what you tried, it was a tough. Your kid was not having it.
Believe it or not, getting a child to eat something with help can be just as challenging as without help. Our children will eat when they are hungry and whenever they want to. What happens when we provide them with food or drink or even medicine and it is absolutely necessary that they cooperate?
We can come up with all the mathematical formulas and scientific studies, but we can only be successful using this one method: trial and error. In doing so, we will find what works and what may not work.
I will give you an example: The other morning I gave our son, Angel, a banana as we were getting him ready for school. He was somewhat tired, so I attempted to feed him.
First response: Nooooo! Second response: Nooooooooooooo! and a hand swipe. Third attempt: Noooo! Fourth attempt: AHHHHHHHHHHH! with his mouth wide open! I could not believe it.
From that one experience, I learned that I must always give Angel an opportunity to try something because he may take it. I even made up a catch phrase for it:  No + No + No = Ahhhhhhhh! Creativity plays a role in getting our kids to take on new foods.
How do you get your children to try new and existing foods, drinks, medicines, snacks etc. Please share your tricks and tips and tricks. 
Angel’s Dad