You Are Not Alone! Get Real Talk About Behaviors, Support, and What It’s Really Like to be an Autism Parent!

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  • Live Webinar: 10 Things Every Parent Needs to Know to Advocate for their Child [$50 Value]

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What You'll Get

  • Insight from devoted dads discussing meltdowns and how they meet their children's needs
  • The most honest look you will ever get at autism parenting
  • Candid thoughts on what parents REALLY think about Autism Awareness Month
  • Resources for parents seeking answers
  • Why your child needs you to be their advocate
  • Why the question “If Not me, Then Who?” is so important
  • How to overcome barriers that prevent you from getting what you need for your child
  • New ideas to help you help your child
  • The importance of self care in advocacy
  • How to use the ideas you already have to get started
  • The bitter truths about being an advocate for a special needs child

Who Needs this Package

Parents, Caregivers, and Anyone Who:

  • feels frustrated and isolated from other families
  • is fighting to get their child into an appropriate school setting
  • has a child with communication challenges
  • is single and relying on a great support system or have no support system
  • wonders if they will be able to provide for multiple kids with autism
  • is exhausted trying to find activities and services for their children
  • is balancing a busy life while raising a child with autism
  • is trying to figure out how to make their marriage thrive
  • is hesitant about dating someone who has a child with autism
  • needs help managing their child’s behavior and sensory challenges
  • has dealt with judgmental stares when their child has a meltdown
  • wants strategies to effectively discipline their child
  • celebrates the positive attributes in their child
  • wants their child to feel accepted and respected
  • tries to discourage their child from stimming
  • wants to hear from a dad with autism raising a son with autism
  • lets their fears limit their children’s social activities
  • wants to learn more about autism
  • wants to learn about raising a child with autism
  • wants to understand the importance of autism awareness AND acceptance
  • wants to share stories of autism parenting with a friend
  • is a special educator or service provider
  • runs an autism parent support group
  • runs a book club and want to learn about autism families

I am a fearless parent advocate and emerging leader in the autism community. I founded Special Needs Advocacy Navigator a New York City based consultancy that provides advocacy services to parents of children with special needs. My advocacy works also transcends to my work as blogger at Sailing Autistic Seas, a board member of Parent to Parent of NY State, and as a parent mentor for the National Autism Association-NY Chapter. When I saw that support groups were lacking in my community I co-founded the Bronx Parents Autism Support Circle with two great moms. We currently have over 120 member parents of children with autism.

What Parents are Saying about Sailing Autistic Seas:

"It's good to know that I am not alone in this struggle. As well, it helps me to learn from you and all who post. I feel everyone's pain and I also feel empowered with what I receive. This community needs each other! Thank you for sharing your adventures, your triumphs and your shortcomings."

- Marcella

"I love your website! You cover a broad range of topics and also frequently give me something to ponder/reflect on which is always a good thing. Thank you for all you do & continued success with your website, it's a wonderful resource for parents!"

- Michelle

"Kpana your blog relates to issues that many parents in the ASD community deal with and it helps to know we are not alone!"

- Gee

Where you can find me: