That Moment When Your Child Gets It #autism

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It was a morning just like any other and Angel’s mom took him down to our building lobby to wait for the school bus. Angel loves to take a toy with him to play with during his bus ride. This time he chose his favorite orange ball.
The bus was running late, so Angel and his mom started playing catch. Within a few seconds, Angel tossed the ball in the air and it ended up getting stuck in an open space up in the ceiling.
Angel just knew that his mom would save the day, so he said, “Climb up. Go get it!” Now his mom knows she is too short, so she called me downstairs to the rescue. She also asked me to bring a broom.
I dashed down stairs because I knew the bus would arrive at any moment. After using the broom to reach the ball and having the bus patiently wait for us, all was taken care of and little Angel was happy to have his ball.
I was amazed that Angel used a verbal command that was not in the form of a question. Angel was able to identify the problem and find a way to ask for help in solving it.
Sometimes our kids cry and scream and we do not know why because they cannot tell us or explain to us. Some of them may not understand why something happened or how to fix the issue. In this case, Angel knew what had to happen in order to fix the problem.
I am truly amazed but not because I lack confidence in my son. I am amazed because I see how far Angel has come. I know he will continue to go far.
Please share an experience you’ve had when your child told you something that surprised you.
Angel’s Dad