Angel: The Preschool Graduate

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Last Friday marked the end of one journey and the beginning of another. Angel graduated from preschool and is on his way to kindergarten!!! Our decision to stop home-based early intervention (EI) and switch Angel to a center was based on the fact that Angel’s sessions stopped being very productive when he started focusing more on playing with his speech therapist’s hair and tickling her feet. Giggling and running up and down the living room during sessions with his special education teacher did not help either. Angel needed less distractions and to develop play and social skills by interacting with his peers.

Back then, I felt apprehensive. My baby was going to be riding a school bus without us. Luckily, the NYC Department of Education allows parents to ride with their kids for the first week. At least EI approved this for me. Riding with Angel for that short time helped eased my nerves and I am sure it helped him feel better about the transition. Now, he is a pro on the bus. The journey to Angel’s preschool graduation has been an interesting one. He has been through many teachers and therapists. Many hats and toys went missing. Between the school, the bus, and the day care, it was hard to keep track. I know he is blessed because he has a strong team working with him and he is progressing compared to when he first started in December 2009.

Today, I want to share Angel’s graduation with you in pictures because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Did your little one graduate this month? Congratulations!  I look forward to hearing your story.

Miz Kp


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